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Hitman-5 by lnk110

Agent 47 x Teen! Reader: Gone Girl

Author’s note:

Alright so let’s get this little rant over with: first of all I'm sorry for the late update. Second of all, now that I'm officially off school for 2 months I’ll try to update sooner but no promises. Third, in  the first four parts I've just been setting things up like relationship base, setting and the like now I'm finished with all that this is where things will start to heat up, but keep in mind I'm relatively new to writing action scenes so this will be an experiment for me, so feedback is appreciated. And lastly thanks to everyone for their wonderful feedback! It really motivates me to write! So thanks to you all!

Alright let’s get on with the story. Oh one last thing, I'm gonna try a different POV for the reader, could you guys let me know if you like third person or first person better? Thanks.

And this chapter does contain some strong language: just a warning. And anything in italics is the person’s thoughts.


Nobody’s POV

Time: 8: 47 pm

Location: ICA American division

Click…click…click….The only sound in the empty hallways was that of her heals as she slowly made her way to the division director’s office. Jose Sosa had been asked to contact Diana and schedule a meeting with the head of the ICA. What said meeting was about she didn’t know just that it had something to do with 47.

A week ago she had been told to withhold any kind of contact from him. No contracts, no warning not even a hello. What did he do? The last time she had talked to him was just after he finished his kill. She admitted that he did seem off but she hadn’t paid any attention to his mood. 47 was a quiet man and she didn't know much about his private life either ways.

Click…click…click…She had arrived.

Diana pressed the button for the intercom and a moment later a voice laced with static answered, ‘State your name and business.’

‘Diana Burnwood, director, you wanted to see me.’

‘Ah yes, lovely little Diana, do come in, we have much to discuss’

She heard the lock slide out of its bolt and a minute later the door slid open. Sosa was sitting behind his large desk; there was a bottle of red wine and two glasses sitting next to him on the desk. The man himself was a tall and lean Venezuelan with dark hair, tan skin and deep set eyes. He wore a white suit and there were several rings on his fingers. ‘Miss Burnwood, it seems that your little pet has made quite the mistake. The head of the ICA would like to have a little chat with you novio.’ (Novio=Spanish for sweetheart)

Sosa moved his chair out of the way and an image of a dark room appeared on the screen behind him. There, sitting behind the desk was the outline of a man. ‘Welcome, Miss Burnwood.’ He greeted in his deep voice. ‘Do you know why you're here?’

‘I was hoping you could tell me, sir’ ‘This is about agent 47 and there is some suspicion surrounding his most recent kill. Do you remember what his last assignment was?’

Diana was confused at first but then it hit her: the girl, she was missing and the only logical explanation is that he took her. That’s why he seemed off. No one else would have noticed his demeanor except her. She’d known him for years.

She decided to play along to find out more.

‘Yes sir, he was tasked to assassinate the remainder of the Rosato family.’

‘That’s correct. But there was one complication, the goddaughter. (Y/N L/N). The client wanted us to leave her alive. And…’ At this point Diana’s heart was about to jump out of her chest and it took every fiber of her being not to show her panic and keep a neutral face; her superior’s voice brought her out of her stupor. ‘We believe that 47 has abducted this girl, for whatever reason and we need you to find her and dispose of her.’

Dispose of her…

‘Get the job done Burnwood. That is all, you are dismissed.’ The screen flashed off and Diana could vaguely hear the printer on the desk going off. She reached for the document and left the office in a daze.

She needed to think.


You're POV

Time: 12: 17 pm

Things have been really weird today. Its nothing big. I got up around the same time I normally do, played with Cole, ate the breakfast 47 had left for me on the table like normal. Right now I was sitting in the living room, 47 was out, said he needed to go get some things; I was drawing (or whatever it is you like to do). Things were just I don’t know…off. Kinda like that uneasy feeling you get after you watch a horror movie late at night and go to sleep immediately after and the second you turn off the lights you swear that you feel like you're being watched. That irrational paranoia. That's how I feel right now, like something bad is gonna happen but I don’t know when it will or how, all I know is that it will. Cole, almost as if he sensed my discomfort, jumps on to my lap and starts purring. I start to relax but I still can’t shake that feeling. Some part of me wants 47 to come home already; I want to call or text him to ask him when he will come back tell him that I have a bad feeling and that he needs to come home.

But then the rational part of me reasons everything out. It’s just my 14 year old mind playing tricks on me and nothing else. I keep telling myself this and I go back to my drawing ( or whatever) with Cole in my lap purring happily.


Diana’s POV

Time: 1:00

I don’t want to do this…I don’t. I know that there is a reason as to why he took her. 47, no matter what, does not harm innocents and that girl falls into that category. But even if I don’t want to do this, I have to or else the ICA will dispose of me.

I have a trained mercenary with me, I hired him anonymously. I don’t intend to kill her, and I want 47 to find us. I have something else in mind but in order for this to work I’ll need 47’s help.

Now I’m not kept up to date with 47’s movements I just know the locations of his hideouts. How do I find him? By use of common sense. If he took the girl, then he would want her to be comfortable and that means that he would take her his most fleshed out hideout. And I know for a fact that that’s in Conrad, Oregon and that’s where I'm headed. We just got off the plane in Salem and Conrad is about a 3 hour drive. I have no idea how any of this will play out.


47’s POV

Time 1:30 pm

 I got home half an hour ago. I had to head into a pawn shop to pick up a part for my SMG. One of its pieces had been damaged and I hadn’t noticed so I went into town to get a spare. But as I moved to open the door to the building I found that oddly enough the chain bolt was locked in place. I didn't tell (Y/N) to do that so why would she?

‘(Y/N)! I need you to open the door.’

A second later, she opened the door and I knew it, something was wrong. ‘You're back! Got what you needed?’ she looked okay but her tone was frantic, panicked. I came inside and put my stuff on the coffee table and took off my coat. (Y/N) sat in one of the chairs watching me. I sat down next to her on the sofa and asked, ‘what’s wrong?’

At first I thought she wouldn’t answer but then ‘ I don’t know…it’s just I've had this weird feeling all day that something bad is gonna happen. And I can’t shake it.’

I looked at her, she seemed sincere. ‘In my line of work, we’re taught to be paranoid but listen you're safe here alright.’ I gave one of her hands a gentle squeeze ‘don’t worry. Now let’s get something to eat.’ She gave me a little smile and went up stairs to get ready.

You're POV

Time: 3: 21 pm

We went out for lunch, to a nice restaurant called ‘la rouge’. It was wonderful, I ordered ( fave food) and 47 had the steak. I caught quite a few women glancing at us as we ate. I seemed to keep any flirters away and we enjoyed our food in relative silence aside from me telling him about my day, how much I loved Conrad and asking about his day. He would reply with a few simple grunts or a ‘that’s good’ or ‘I'm glad’ or just ‘good’. I was okay with that, I wasn’t really one of those needy girls who wanted constant attention or praise. Anyways we finished our food and headed out. 47 and I got in his car and he turned it on. We were driving back when ‘are you okay now or do you still feel uneasy?’ I looked up at his profile and though he didn't show any emotion I could tell he was concerned. ‘It’s less now but it’s still there’ I answered truthfully. He just nodded. The rest of the ride was spent in silence.


47’s POV

Time: 4:00 pm

(Y/N) is starting to worry me. I don’t know what to make of her uneasiness. I always trust my instincts and I'm glad she’s at least considering hers but something is a little off I’ll admit.

We came home half an hour ago and I left her upstairs to do her thing. I'm down in the basement, replacing the ruined part of my SMG with the new one. I throw out the old one and head upstairs. I see the (Hair color) teen sitting on the couch reading one of her books, (Book name).

I silently make my way upstairs and lock the door to my room and begin undressing. I needed a nice long shower. But before I head in I take silver baller out of one of my chest drawers and place it on my bed. I just have this sinking feeling that I'm gonna need it. I go into the bathroom and turn on the water.


You're POV

I heard the water turn on upstairs and I realized that 47 was taking a shower. Shrugging I went back to my book, so far it was wonderful and it got my mind off things. That feeling of dread was still there but I tried to ignore it as best I could. 47 was here with me and if anything went wrong he would protect me and I didn't doubt that. I glanced at the clock on the wall it was 4:10.

I continued reading; Cole was sitting on one of the chairs, giving himself a tongue bath. The building was unnaturally cold today so I got up and started a fire, I went back to my seat and soon enough the crackling of the embers and the cozy atmosphere lulled me to sleep.

Diana’s POV

Time: 4:45

It was time, the mercenary, a man named Sam Carter, and I parked a little ways from 47’s hideout. We began walking there, my plan was to kidnap the girl, bring her to a remote location and move on from there. I honestly did not want to do this. 47 must have had a reason to do this, to bring this much heat on himself. A few minutes later we arrived; I walked up to the front door and motioned for Carter to stand aside. I reached into my jacket and took out a lock picking device. All of 47’s equipment had been issued by the ICA except that of his hideouts he purchased all of that by himself. He had one of the best locks money could buy and it was hard to crack the code but after a minute or two the machine managed to break us in. I moved to open the door but realized that it had one of those old fashioned chain bolts. I motion to Carter again and he handed me a pair of bolt cutters. I snipped the lock and silently pushed my way in, Carter right at my heels.

There she was.

Same (H/C), (Skin tone), right there unharmed and sleeping peacefully. There was a cat sitting on one of the chairs and the fire was burning low. I heard water running and immediately knew that he was upstairs. Carter walked up to me and I motioned for him to pick her up, if we could do this silently that was best. But just then,


I covered my ears, ‘of course he has an alarm, how could I so stupid?!

(Y/N) shot up from her position on the couch, (E/C) orbs filled with panic and fear. She backed away from us and I saw the cat run upstairs. She tried to run up as well but I yelled ‘Grab her! NOW!’

Carter tackled her to the ground and she tried to fight back, ’47! 47!!! HELP! 47!’ she yelled out for him. Amidst the chaos I could hear footsteps running upstairs.

‘Grab her and let’s go!’ I barked at Carter, just then I heard a loud BANG upstairs. I had my handgun out but I knew that if he came downstairs before we got out, he’d kill us both for trying to take the girl.

Carter hoisted her over his shoulder, and we made a break for it running to the car, she was constantly kicking her bare feet making dull thumps against Carter’s body.


We made it to the car and threw her in the backseat not even looking back, Carter handcuffed her and tied feet and I got in the back seat with her while he drove. She looked as if she wanted to kill me at this point and that look scared me. We kept driving and didn't stop.


Before the kidnapping-

47’s POV

Time: 4:40 pm

I was going to get out in a few minutes but I needed to relax. The ICA still hasn’t contacted me and now I'm just plain out paranoid. If they do know about her then I'm afraid that they’ll send one of their attack dogs after her. That's right for once in my goddamn life I'm afraid. I don’t want them to harm her and I swore that I would take care of her. Maybe I'm just over thinking.

I get out of the shower and I just stare at my reflection in the mirror, I just can’t shake this feeling that something is gonna happen. Now I see what (Y/N). I wrap a towel around myself and I'm about to step out of the bathroom when the alarm goes off.


I only had a second to process what I was hearing before I ran towards my bedroom door. As I was trying to get my door unlocked I heard an all too familiar voice, ‘grab her! NOW!’ Diana fucking Burnwood is here to do the ICA’s dirty work.

Why won’t this lock fucking turn! The damn door was jammed! Then I heard another sound, a loud thump, and then (Y/N) screaming for me.

   ’47! 47! HELP!!! 47!’ At this point I was throwing all of my weight on the heavy door. I heard Diana’s voice again but I didn't pay attention. The door finally gave in and I rushed down with silver baller in hand. The alarm was blaring and the front door was wide open.

They were gone.


You're POV

Time: Unknown

I don’t know how long it’s been all I know is that I want to kill whoever had taken me. A man and a woman. The man as I’d seen him was a tall, muscular blonde with dark eyes and the woman was of medium height with dark brown hair and equally dark eyes.

I didn't say anything, I was staring out of the window, watching trees pass by as we drove deeper into the forest. I was scared, in all honesty I was freaking the shit out and it was taking everything I had not to scream for 47, to yell for him to save me, why because these guys seemed like professionals, they knew what they were doing and I don’t think that they would hesitate to knock me out if I started fussing. Besides I needed to stay alert, I was smart enough to do that.

47 would come; at least I hope he will.

Diana’s POV

I looked at her as we drove towards the warehouse. She was (tall/short) with (Hair length) (Hair color) and (eye color) eyes and (Skin tone) skin. She was silent, staring out the window; I was surprised that she wasn’t screaming for help, if she had then I would have had to knock her out with a serum. Carter drove through the forest down a few dirt roads and eventually pulled into the driveway of the warehouse. It was an old building used to house broken machinery from a factory not far from here; however, the factory had been shut down 1964.

(Y/N) looked me in the eyes for the first time and I could see how scared she was; I felt guilty, she didn't deserve this, she hadn't done anything wrong. ‘Don’t worry sweetie, we won’t hurt you.’ I could see plain as day that she didn't believe me. I motioned for carter to pick her up, he did so but rather roughly, ‘augh!’ the girl squeaked. I turned toward him and hissed, ‘be gentle with her you ass!’

He apologized and we entered the warehouse. I watched the blonde man put her down on the dirty floor and step back and I observed as he took his pistol out. (Y/N) shrunk into a ball and let out a whimper. ‘Hey it’s alright dear, we don’t want to hurt you we just need you to cooperate, okay?’ She nodded and I went on,

‘What’s your name?’


‘(Y/N) do you have a phone on you? And don’t even think about lying to me.’

She looked at me with confusion, ‘yes’

‘Good I need to use it, where is it?’

‘In my front pocket.’

I found it and turned it on. It was asking for a password.

‘What’s the password?’


I put in the digits and the phone unlocked I assumed that she would have 47’s number and I scrolled through her contacts until I found one named ‘H.M’, Hitman, as in 47.

I decided to send him a little message.

I have the girl 47. If you want her come and get her. DB

I sent it and now all we have to do is wait. But I'm curious.

‘Dear, what is your relationship with Agent 47?’

(Y/N) looked up at me and I saw a brief flash realization on her face. ‘Wait a minute; you're one of his contractors aren’t you?’

‘Dear, I'm the one who asks the questions; now tell me what is the nature of your relationship with 47?’

‘He took me in after my foster family was killed, I didn’t want to be put in the system. So he gave me two options: Stay at the mansion for the police to find me or go with him. He’s been good to me so far, takes care of me and he even spends time with me when he’s free. He promised to keep me safe and I trust him to keep that promise. He seems like someone I can trust and there have only been three other people in my life that I could trust and they're all dead.’

Then it hit me, in the one week these two have been together, 47 for the first time has actually connected with another person other than myself. That’s why he took her, because he cares for her, there was no ulterior motive, just a…connection.

Her phone buzzed, I looked at the screen,

I'm coming for you Diana

I know that whatever happens next, one way or another, he will leave here alive and with the girl.




47’s POV

Time: 4:51

They were gone.

I was breathing heavily and right now I needed to think straight, survey the scene, figure out how to go about this. I went upstairs not even bothering to lock the front door. I peeked into (Y/N)’s room, Cole was sitting on her bed shaking in fear; his fur was standing on end. I went in and started to gently pet him and eventually he calmed down, they would take her to a remote location, somewhere close but still far enough so that I wouldn’t be able to track them, perhaps in the forest but… PING!

I heard my disposable phone go off, I had given (Y/N) the number and that number was specifically for her only. Diana. I rushed into the room, my towel fell to the ground, and I could care less about decency at this point.

I have the girl 47. If you want her come and get her. DB

My grip tightened on the device, how dare they! I knew it was the ICA but having my suspicions confirmed just makes me mad. I would kill them…Every last one of them for doing this. Come after me that’s fine, come after the kid and you're as good as dead.

I'm coming for you Diana

I sent it and quickly got dressed, I started to pace around my bedroom, Cole came in and sat on one of the pillows on my bed. I needed to find them but how?

The GPS! I installed a GPS in the kid’s phone, in case something like this happened. I went downstairs to the study; there was door next to the fire place that opened into it. The study was small and there wasn’t much in it except for an old desk and chair in the center of the room with two bookshelves on either side. There on the desk sat my personal laptop. I sat in the chair and powered it on. There was an app I customized for tracking on the desktop, I launched it and the program asked me for the code on the tracker, 3214. I typed it in and soon enough it gave me (Y/N)’s coordinates, 387 lake road, I knew that place it was an old factory warehouse out in the middle of the woods.

I shut down the laptop and locked the study, making my down to the basement. I packed up my gear: a sniper rifle, sliver baller and its twin and an assault rifle into my brief case along with a few grenades, best to be prepared.

Diana Burnwood you better be fucking ready for what’s about to come…


You're POV

Time: unknown

I've been sitting in this rust hole for god knows how long, 47 still hasn’t shown up and I'm starting to get a little worried, is he okay…or did his agency send an attacker after him too?

I've been quiet this whole time, only speaking to answer the woman’s questions. The man hasn’t said anything either, he’s just standing there watching, keeping an eye out for 47 I guess.

I just wanna leave! I don’t like this! Okay…okay calm down (nickname) its fine, the last thing you wanna do is make these guys mad, you don’t want to be the dumb girl in a bad situation do you? The one that dies because she screamed and freaked out because she chipped a nail.

Deep breathes that's it just take deep breathes and stay calm, this will all be over soon…

I tried to calm myself down and it was getting harder to do that, the logical part of me knew that screaming would do no good since we were in the forest, miles away from civilization but I still wanted to scream out for help.

Deep breathes that's it just take deep breathes….this will all be over soon.

47’s POV

Time: 5:45 pm

I'm outside the warehouse, using my sniper to look in through the windows. The glass is coated with dust and grime but I can make out the shape of three figures, one I assume is Diana’s dog, one is sitting on the floor, (Y/N) and then Diana. I would shoot them from here but I need to make sure that they didn't hurt the kid, because if they did I’ll give them one hell of a beating.

I had been sitting up in a tree and I slowly begin to climb down and pick up my briefcase and started making my way to the back entrance. I needed to disable the guard but first I need to get in. At the back I can see a large window that's been propped open, big enough for me to fit through. I look around and I see an old, rusty ladder lying in the brush. I prop it against the wall and carefully make my way up, making sure I don’t make any noise. I reach the window and slowly push it open, it makes a low creeeeak, but no one notices, I climb inside and make my way across the ledge until I come to a ladder that leads to the ground floor of the warehouse. I step down and use the shadows to my advantage, slowly and silently making over to the man, (Y/N) was in my sights now but her back was towards me, I reached for silver baller and aimed for the man’s right shoulder but then…

‘Behind you!’ Diana shouted

The man spun around and pointed his pistol at me and pulled the trigger, the bullet barely missed me by an inch. I ducked down behind a crate and peeked over the edge, the man was behind cover and I didn't have a clear shot. Diana was trying to move (Y/N), I aimed silver baller at her and fired, I purposefully missed and the bullet imbedded itself in the wall behind her. She looked up, alarmed and eventually relented and untied (Y/N)’s feet, stood her up and ran for cover. I peeked over the crate just in time to see the merc trying to sneak his way over to me, I got up from my cover and aimed at his leg but he side stepped in a nick of time, I popped off another round just as fast and this time I hit my mark, I got him once in the left leg and put another bullet in his right shoulder. He clutched his wounds in pain and dropped the gun. I ran over to him and kicked the firearm out of reach then delivered a hard right hook to his face and knocked him out.

Now for Diana…

I looked around for her and listened. As I was walking around my foot stepped on something; it was the rope they had used to tie the kid’s feet. I looked up and saw the door to a storage closet.


I silently made my way over and kicked in the door, it made a loud BANG! As it hit the wall. I looked around the dimly lit storage closet and saw something move out of the corner of my eye, I spun around, gun at the ready and saw Diana holding (Y/N) in a chokehold with a 9mm pointed at the (Hair color) girl’s head. I saw fear and relief flash in her (eye color) eyes.

‘Let her go Diana, she has no part in this’ I said firmly.

‘Oh but 47, this little girl is the reason as to why we’re standing here.’

I didn't say anything, I just stared at the brit in front of me and I intended to kill her if she so much as twitched wrong.

‘I have a proposition for you 47, if you put your gun down then we can talk business and I assure that it appeals to both our interests.’

‘Let her go first, then we’ll talk.’

Diana seemed to hesitate, then holstered her gun let (Y/N) go. She took the hand cuffs off her and (Y/N) ran over to me like a child and hugged me tightly, she was breathing heavily and I felt my shirt get a little damp from her tears. I wrapped an arm around her tightly and kept Silver baller trained on Diana, in case she decided to try anything.

Diana put her hands up in surrender and watched us for a moment before asking, ‘so 47 do we have a deal?’

I looked at the girl who was clinging to me and back at my handler, and I nodded.

‘Hand over your weapon and put on the handcuffs’ I ordered. Surprisingly she complied and did as I asked, I threw the gun in a waste bin and holstered silver baller. I nudged (Y/N) and she looked up at me with tear stained cheeks and red eyes, I tightened my grip on her and whispered, ‘hey it’s okay now alright. Everything’s gonna be fine, no one is going to hurt you, I'm here now.’ I squeezed her arm and she seemed to calm down. I looked back at Diana and motioned for her to start walking. Her goon was still passed out on the concrete floor and we left him there. I walked Diana over to my car, put her in the back seat and got (Y/N) into the passenger seat and started driving.

 Diana’s POV

Dear god he really has formed an attachment to this girl, he was so gentle with her and he honestly looked like he would kill me if I had so much as moved an inch. If the ICA were to send anyone else the poor blokes would have ended up six feet under before they even found the kid. I need to be careful; who knew 47 would have such a strong paternal instinct?

You're POV

I knew it! He came and not a moment too soon, I thought that I was as good as dead! The woman, Diana seems to have some sort of end goal, I can feel it. She hasn’t tried anything yet, but I think she’s one of 47’s contractors. The man himself looks pissed and he’s keeping an eye on her. I honestly hope that this all works out soon, I'm really tired and 1…2…3... Loud yawn.

47 looks at me out of the corner of his eye, ‘rest your eyes until we get home.’

I don’t complain and lean my head against the window and gladly shut my eyes, in just a minute I succumb into a restless sleep.

47’s POV

Time: 6: 51 pm

It took us half an hour to get back to the building, (Y/N) had fallen asleep and Diana was quiet. I parked the car in the driveway of the building and opened Diana's door, ‘Out’ was all I said. She climbed out and I opened the passenger door and picked the (Hair color) girl up and carried her to the door, I could feel Diana’s eyes on me the whole time. I nudged the door open with my shoulder and we went in, Diana closed the door behind her with her foot. I placed (Y/N) on the couch and covered her with a blanket that was on the side. I took off my coat and suit jacket, hung them and motion for the brit to sit in one of the chairs as I sat across from her silver baller in hand.



Diana’s POV

‘You know I would feel more comfortable if you took these things off me.’ I said. 47 just looked back at me and said, ‘start talking, you better have a damn good explanation for what you did Burnwood.’ He was on the offensive.

‘Alright. Basically the ICA knows that you took the kid from the Rosato estate after you completed your assignment. They had ordered me cut all contact with you for the time being and yesterday I had been called into director Sosa’s office and had a conference call with the head of the agency. He told me about your little…stunt and ordered me to quote, ‘dispose of the girl.’ I didn't want to kill her and most certainly don’t want to do it now, since I can see how fond of her you are. Frankly 47 I approve but those bloody bastards at the agency don’t.’

I took a deep breath and continued, ‘listen, my plan was to kidnap her and lure you to me, and she was just bait. 47 I have the means to conjure up fake id for her, in a way that no matter how hard the ICA look they won’t be able to tell that her file is a fake no matter what. I want to create this file for her and give it as evidence to the agency that I have ‘removed’ the girl from your life. This way you can continue to let her live with you, your contracting will return to normal and the ICA get what they want, in a sense. What do you say?’

Please take the offer…please! I looked at him; he seemed to be thinking it over. ‘So you make her this file, this id and no matter what the ICA won’t be able to identify it was a fake?’ ‘Yes. That's right.’ ‘Does this method work?’ ‘Yes it does. I have a friend who wanted to disappear for awhile and not be bothered so she made this file and it showed that she was stationed in Brazil but in reality she was touring Europe.’ He nods and glances at (Y/N). ‘Do it, but make it fast.’ He gets up and takes the hand cuffs off me and walks me to the door. ‘I'm glad we see eye to eye 47. I’ll have everything ready in a few hours and I'm sorry for causing this much trouble it was the only way to keep the agency off my back and get to you.’ I turned around and walked out the door.

47’s POV

Time: 8:05 pm

I was sitting in one of the chairs watching some old movie from the 60’s. I feel like shit, I knew this was gonna happen eventually, I just wish I could have prevented it, done something, been there when they broke in, just something. The poor kid was exhausted, I told her that I would take care of everything and she ended up getting kidnapped by my own fucking handler. But things are starting to calm down, (nickname)’s still asleep, with her cat resting next to her on the sofa. Diana will be here soon with the file and everything is gonna be set up. We’ll make it look as if (Y/N) had been found and was shipped into a nearby orphanage and no matter how many background checks or searches the ICA runs they won’t figure out what we did. I’ll go back to my contracts and I’ll take her with me and everything will be fine. Things are finally calming down…

Diana’s POV

Time 9: 27 pm

I knocked on 47’s door and he lets me in, I took off my coat and saw (Y/N) sitting at the breakfast table eating (Fave food). She just looked up and said a small hello before finishing up her food. I sat down in one of the chairs and put the briefcase I was carrying on the oak coffee table. I opened it up just as 47 and (Y/N) sat down. ‘Okay so I managed to get this done. Basically it’s your file. I've filled in the week’s gap where you were presumed missing and you have a solid alibi and everything. This way if the agency tries to look into you they won’t be able to find a weak spot in your cover. You’re free now dear, you can continue to live with 47 but it won’t be easy.’ She smiled at me for the first time and said, ‘If life was easy, we’d all be bored to death.’ I laughed at this and she spoke up again, ‘thank you, Miss Diana.’ I smiled and said, ‘no worries sweetie.’ I actually saw relief on 47’s face and he smiled. ‘Thanks Diana’ ‘My pleasure 47, until next time.’ And with that I left the house, got in my car and drove off to find a hotel.

You're POV

‘I'm kinda scared to ask, but are our troubles over yet?’ I smiled at him and he just smirked and told me, ‘sweetheart as long as you're with me something is always going to be troubling us.’ He ruffled my hair and I replied, ‘I find it so much easier when you can just shoot a problem and be done with it.’ ‘If I could do that I would shoot myself out of every damn situation I come across.’ ‘And you'd be good at it too!’ He came over and squeezed my shoulder and asked, ‘you’re okay though right?’ I just nodded and gave him a simple ‘mhhmm’. I really was okay now, a little shaken but okay. For the first time in a year I had someone to count on, someone to trust and that was the best feeling in the world. I got up and hugged the hitman and whispered ‘thank you.’

He just wrapped an arm around me pulled me closer to him and kissed the top of my head.

‘No worries.’

Agent 47 x teen!reader part 5: Gone Girl
okay so this is part 5.
Do read the these in order
i hope you all are enjoying the story
and did you all like what i did with the title there ;)
Lonesome  by lnk110
Just something I came up with. Ignore the name on the label just came up with that on the spot.


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